Sunday, October 10, 2010


Okay my roommate has been watching a lot of anime lately, and I have had the honor to watch Soul Eater.

I find myself identifying more and more with Crona.

Crona is a very naive and submissive person who is constantly pestered by his weapon (my thoughts). Crona is incredibly nervous and jumpy, and the slightest thing can make him/her frightened. Crona is also incredibly emotional and sensitive.

Crona is so negative about everything that after writing a poem, it was so depressing it managed to make Black Star, Maka, Marie, Soul, and Sid hide in a corner after reading it. Crona tries to adapt to interacting with more people (which may take some time because of Medusa's abusive treatment). However, Crona shows signs of slowly opening up to the people around him/her, and becomes touched at how the others care about him/her, up until the point he/she thinks he/she does not deserve so much attention

 Crona is mostly more relaxed around Maka (anyone that I know well). Unless Maka comes and fetches him/her, Crona normally stays in a corner of any room, and will cower in it if frightened, calling the corner of his/her room 'Mr. Corner'. Crona mostly interacts with others only when Maka is present, since Maka can easily tune in to Crona's Soul Wavelength to be understanding and calming when needed. Crona also expresses unusual determination when it comes to helping or protecting Maka. Due to Crona's lack of interaction with others (other than eating their souls), Crona has nearly no experience in interacting with other people, hence Crona's catchphrase, "I don't know how to deal with [???]..." Crona cannot adapt to new situations and can panic easily, and finds it difficult to make decisions.


Swift Love said...

I like what you had to say here

Colin B said...

The only anime I've actually watched has been FLCL :P

I just wanted to say the link thing is awesome and thank you :)

Roqi said...

That is a great anime. :]

Also you are very welcome, but remember to share the love.

Satan said...

Good anime, I enjoy it.

Max Steel said...

Dont forgot the best part of soul eater is the spin off nurse witch komugi


Wow, it's good to know (apparently) cute girls can over-analyze and be as (seemingly) socially stunted as I am. Also androgyny much? lol, that theme seems to be prominent in a lot of anime I've seen which isn't much.


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