Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Legalization to Regulation

The words we are using in concerns to legalizing marijuana aren't working. Conservatives are latching onto this one word and using it as a means to make people think it will be as easy to buy as a can of soda. People are hearing it and assuming it will give their children more access.
When in reality, we're not trying to legalize marijuana on a full scale. We're trying to regulate it for the adult market, just as we do alcohol and tobacco. I strongly believe if we start using the word "regulate" instead of "legalize", a lot of these unbased claims will start to disappear as it becomes more clear to the average Joe whats going on.


njohnfixes said...

I agree. Regulation is a lot less scary a thought than legalization to those who are opposed. If they did some research they'd understand the ins and outs.

Austin said...

Obviously you are correct sir, REGULATE

Anonymous said...

Eh... isn't a significant amount of the population already behind the idea? The thing that's gonna be holding it back the most would be lobbyists.

Siago said...

Hey, yeah! That's a good point; legalize and regulate have different connotations. Drawing the parallels between that and alcohol and tobacco could be of use.

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